We have to accept not knowing why

Lynne Thompson
2 min readMay 3

It’s really hard when we lose someone close to us, or a friend loses someone suddenly. Grief can strip everything from us, our sense of security, our joy, our sleep! It pulls the rug out from us and we try hard to keep on going.

After a while, we start to ponder what happened. If the death was sudden and a shock (such as suicide or drug addiction), it’s especially hard to accept. If the person was young, it is even harder.

What I have come to understand and accept is that we can’t know why. There is a larger picture to our lives and we can’t see it. Whether or not you believe in God, or the Force, or the Universe, or nothing, there IS a larger picture. We cannot know why things happen, it is a spiritual mystery why souls move into the physical plane and then off.

We have to accept not knowing why. We grasp at simple explanations, we persist in trying to figure it out. But there is a mystery to why things happen, and sometimes, in the end, you have to embrace that. You have to learn to live with that. Because that is what’s real. That you do not know.

Lynne Thompson

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