I had forgotten…but I had a paper dress when I was young!

Lynne Thompson
2 min readOct 30, 2021

Yes a real paper dress. They were all the rage for like a minute. It was 1968 and my mom asked me if I wanted a paper dress. I loved paper dolls, so of course I wanted a paper dress! I think she had to send away for it.

They apparently had started as a marketing stunt by Scott Paper, but they took off and were so popular that the company could not keep up with the demand. It was the groovy 1960s, after all, and the dresses were colorful and fun. And cheap!

I remember my dress was a shift type wraparound brightly colored dress (yellow background with pink flowers). I loved it. I am like my father — we love gadgets, new inventions, any new thing! It was not flimsy like regular paper, it was studier and for some reason, they all had bright designs. What a trip! A paper dress, I had forgotten. Thanks to the internet, I could look it up and see photos and everything.

I even found one on Etsy for sale for $225!

What a memory, and how fun was my mom for even suggesting I get one? She was pretty good with keeping me “on trend.” I had go-go boots in 1966 too. They were white patent leather and I was in love with them! Ah, the 60s. I almost wish I had been older because most of that decade was wasted on me (I turned 12 in 1970).

Lynne Thompson

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