I had a baby doll when I was 12 while other girls were suffering assault

Lynne Thompson
2 min readNov 2, 2022


But I hid it because I knew you were not supposed to still like baby dolls

They came out with this doll the Christmas I was 12 years old that had a light sensor in it and cried when you turned out the light. You could make the baby stop crying by giving it a bottle or pacifier.

I had always loved dolls, esp baby ones. I loved baby animals, I am just very nurturing.

I knew I was a little old to want the doll, but I asked my mom for it anyway and she said OK. That is why I loved my mom, she didn’t care about artificial arbitrary limits and rules. She knew I was young for 12 years old.

We are all not the same. We mature differently. I had not even had my period yet at 12 years old. I was flat as a board. Kids made fun of me in school and adults often mistook me for a younger child.

Apparently I am not the only one, here is a link to an article that says a bunch of girls still like baby dolls at 12 years old:

Age children stop playing with dolls

I knew to hide that baby though. I was careful not to mention it to friends and didn’t play with it when friends came over. But I remember loving that doll so much! Being able to soothe it with the bottle was so cool.



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