How did I end up starting a podcast?

Lynne Thompson
3 min readFeb 5, 2022

I am trying to remember where I first saw the post about a free intro to podcasting class. I think it was on Facebook somewhere. It intrigued me and I clicked on it. It was for a 5-day intensive workshop for free on how to start a podcast, step by step. I signed up for it.

What I got was very different from what I thought I would get. First of all, it was ALL LIVE teaching. And this was from Cathy Heller, who has a multi-million-dollar podcast and workshop/seminar business! We got her time each day, and it was magical. She says that you have to find “your person” and it’s OK if it’s not her but find them. She is my person!

My brain just LIT UP as she described how it really works, starting anything. It was as much about mindfulness as anything else, though there were great tidbits about how to start with tech, software, social media, podcasting hosting sites, audio editing, etc.

I was so onboard and excited that I signed up for the intensive several month course offered at the end. I just knew I could do this, and it felt different from before, when I might have signed up for something but lost my motivation or just gave up and no one held me accountable, so I felt dejected and pretty worthless, and just moved on.

The huge difference this time, is that Cathy and company revealed the secrets to starting and the mindset you must maintain. The whole thing was LIVE and you could check out the recordings later. No stale pre-recorded webinars for her! It was so uplifting and interesting! And the people who joined me in the class were wonderful too, and we continue to inspire and teach each other. It’s like we are all going through this podcasting journey together as a team. We listen to each other’s podcasts and give reviews and support each other.

When I talked to my husband about signing up for the course (it was not an insignificant amount), he said “I haven’t seen you this excited about something in a LONG time, so go for it!” Not the response I was expecting! He is usually the more cautious one and is loath to spend money at first.

It was really exciting and fun to plan our logos together, do our trailers together, talk about booking interviews and offering special extras together. I knew this would be different and I wouldn’t give up…

Lynne Thompson

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